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EARTHBACK is the first german company that becomes a part of the GREENWILL Community. 
Together for a green globe!

with great thanks to GREENWILL !
“Earthback enables creative people to realize their own ideas and designs by financing, producing and marketing the final product.

For this German company, sustainability is a priority which appears clearly in its statement “I WANT MY EARTH BACK™”. The products are produced with fairness, natural materials and ethically right behavior.

We are very proud to welcome EARTHBACK among the GREENWILL members! Thank you for pledging GREENWILL and for their efforts for a greener earth.”

For more information about GREENWILL visit  http://greenwill.org/de


Chirrup Chirrup … new stuff in the shop!

“Individually, sweet, attractive, flighty and made ​​with lots of love for the environment? – This is börd shört“!

Behind Börd Shört hides a young fashion label that is specialized in favorite items made from organic cotton. Very responsible.

The processed cotton fabrics are also GOTS certified and the items are processed in a small German family business. Ecologically, fair, socially and local that is even more responsible. Check this out!

To learn more about the label Börd Shört, just follow the link. It is worth it!

You want to have fun while shopping? Go to www.earthback.com….

In our opinion, all the cute girls out there should wear Börd Shört ;)




EARTHBACK by future.feat

Jan, our first young designer of our sylefunding program, now started his project aiming for a greener BMX and skater scene.
Hereby, he is actively supported by our EARTHBACK-Team.

Are you also interested? Become a fan of the project on startnext and bring future.feat in the next phase. As a fan you can also participate in the voting for the final prints.
PLEASE SUPPORT on http://www.startnext.de/futurefeat

Are you also a creative mind? Then become a designer yourself and send us your idea right away. You can find information about our Stylefunding program You can find information about our Stylefunding program here.


Just arrived = the icing on the cake!

“For us sustainability means that clothes should not be out of fashion after 6 months. We strive for a high degree of timelessness in our styles. For this reason, the FORMAT collection is partially independent of seasons”.

We think this is a great interpretation of sustainability, and also very, very, very nice people. For this reason we are proud to now be able to offer selected styles of the Berlin based designer label FORMAT in our shop. Check it out!

What is behind the label FORMAT, you will find out if you follow the link: http://www.earthback.com/format-favourites/

Already excited what we will present you next week?

Sunny Greetings from Berlin,


EARTHBAG is coming sooooner …


We are feeling incredibly sorry that the delivery of the EARTHBAGs did not go as planned. We thank you for your understanding and patience. But the waiting will come to an end soon.  Because next week at this time the first EARTHBAGs will be prepared for shipping :D finally!
We hope that you will like the EARTHBAG as much as we do, so that the long wait has been worth it.

I WANT MY EARTH BACK – soon we can show that message on the streets of this earth, provided that the zipper of the bag is open ;)

EARTHBAG is coming sooner…

Hello dear EARTHBACKers,

it would have been nice if all had gone smoothly…but we were not spared from delays in the production process.
But the fabrics could be temporarily cut and printed. The only thing remaining is “sewing”, before we can speak of the EARTHBAG. As you can see,  step by step, we are heading towards the final product. Slower than we thought, but at least we do not stop.

Best regards

your EARTHBACK team

EARTHBAG is coming soon…

Hello dear EARTHBACKers,

we have some good and bad news…first, the good news: now we have everything together so the EARTHBAG can be produced finally…with little delay the material is received by us :D Unfortunately, the planned production shifts to a few weeks. Sorry, that you have to wait even longer for your EARTHBAG. But postponed is not canceled. Good things come to those who wait ;)

earthbag_nachhaltige Tasche_startnext_crowdfunding

If everything goes well, we expect a delivery mid March. Right on time to the beginning of spring the first EARTHBAGs will be seen on the streets. We can´t wait!


PART IV Choosing the material

Pattern design… check! Now we set out to look for the right fabric. Of course we wanted it to be fair and organic. And can you believe it - a certified fabric supplier is based just a few kilometres away from us ;) So off we went to our new partner Lebenskleidung. There we chose a robust organic canvas fabric from India which is GOTS certified. In the picture above you can see Enrico, of Lebenskleidung, as he is shown the fair production conditions on his visit to India.

So the material was now found and we could finally cut out the pieces according to the pattern of the pattern design. The moment of truth had arrived. Would everything work out the way we imagined the EARTHBAG….?



I WANT MY EARTH BACK: Crowdfunding project for a more sustainable fashion

Berlin, 26th November 2013. The EARTHBAG, the “bag that makes a statement”, is launched today as the pilot project of EARTHBACK, a Berlin powerhouse of ideas. The EARTHBAG, developed by the designers Giang Phan and Bastian Baumann, is four bags in one: In a few easy steps it is turned from a rucksack into a handbag, a shoulder bag or a beach bag.

The production of the EARTHBAG is ecologically and socially conscious and fair and the 4-in-1 concept of the bag contributes to putting an end to the wasting of resources and materials. “When we developed the EARTHBAG we focussed on sustainability, design and functionality. With this product we take a first step towards fair production and away from rapid mass production”, says Giang Phan.

The EARTHBAG is the pilot project of the EARTHBACK company and it is financed through crowdfunding – www.startnext.de/earthbag. Supporters of the project also have the advantage to receive a bag at reduced price as a thank you. The price covers the productions costs only.

The idea that lies behind the company’s concept is to offer a platform to creative minds, designers and free spirits for their own visions and thoughts.

“Financing the project through crowdfunding allows us to create different products as risk-free as possible for everyone involved. We do this since most good ideas fail because they are not translated into action”, says Michael Krieger, CEO at EARTHBACK, about the business model of the company.

The collaboration of the crowdfunding community Startnext and EARTHBACK allows the collection and analysis of empirical values. The results are then used to optimize the operation of the “stylefunding platform” of the company. This guarantees effective networking between designers, interest groups and certified producers. “Thus the term crowdfunding is given a new meaning. Thanks to this EARTHBAG campaign we have become pioneers working in the area of crowdfunding in Germany”, explains Michael Krieger.


EARTHBACK GmbH (www.earthback.com) regards itself as an online platform for creatives, producers and supporters. The slogan I WANT MY EARTH BACK expresses the commitment of the Berlin based designers to sustainability and transparency in fashion. They want to contribute to making the earth a healthy place for future generations.


PART II: The first sketch of the EARTHBAG

We wanted even more functionality to invent a product for everyday life. It wasn’t enough for us to create a bag with mechanisms to modify its size. We wanted to add something more! And after long consideration of further useful functions we came to a conclusion on our way to our next creativity session. Because we noticed actually that a common cotton jute bag is not very handy while riding a bike ;) Carrying a rucksack would be much more convenient.

So the features of the EARTHBAG were now clear to us. But how will be bring all the components together now?

Nothing to fear for an engineer… See for yourselves :)