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We looking for professionals like you!

For our aim it is important that we constantly find new reliable partners.

We are constantly looking for suppliers and producers who are acting fairly and environmentally friendly in their processes. While following our aim we are breaking new ground, which may be also worthwhile for you.

  • You are a textile manufacturer or fabric supplier?
  • You have gaps in your order situation that you would like to fill with smaller orders?
  • You pay attention to fair working conditions?
  • Your materials are certified in accordance with current environmental and social standards?
  • You can also produce small quantities / supply in small quantities?
  • You are trying to make your supply chain transparent and want to know who else is involved in your processes?
  • You also think that it is time for a change in the conventional way of textile and fashion production?

Then you are right with us!

Tell us about your business philosophy, how and what you produce or deliver. Become part of a network that helps you to find new orders and to go new ways.

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