Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You are looking for help?

Great, so do we! Here you can help us. Frequently asked questions we answer in the following.If you then still have questions, just contact us directly  uns! 


EARTH BACK is an online ecosystem that supports creative people in the successful planning and production of fashion projects via crowdfunding. All, while participating parties are always encouraged to be environmentally friendly and fair in their single actions.

What is Crowdfunding? 

Crowdfunding is a new form of financing ideas and products. Thereby the starting capital, needed for the realization, is collected from the crowd. As a thank you for the support, each backer of the project gets something in return. Depending on the amount of the financial support, this thank you can be the actual product or a smaller made-up incentive. 

What is Stylefunding?

Stylefunding is a word creation of our own, which describes the process of EARTHBACK’s role: Crowdfunding for fashion with style.

How does Stylefunding work?

You can directly share your idea with us while using the provided form on the website (section Stylefuding), thereafter we will contact as soon as possible. Depending on the level of development, we design and construct your project until it is ready for the publishing on a crowdfunding platform. Even while the phase of implementation and the production of the later product we are always actively on your side and are finding the right partners for your project. After a successful completion of the project, the EARTHBACK online shop can be your first sales channel for your product.

What do I need therefore?

You need, of course, an idea for a project, a collection or a single fashion item, as also the ambition and motivation to convince the crowd of your idea.

Are there deadlines for the submission of ideas?

To the beginning there will be calls announced, for which we will set deadlines for submission. 

What do I get?

You can create new perspectives for yourself, and you can set the foundation for your own products or your label. A part of the overall gathered funding amount is also yours.

How long does a Stylefunding projekt take?

The phase for a crowdfunding project is limited in time. The timeframe, in which a project is supposed to rise the needed funding is 30-35 days, form the launch of the project. With respective success, a project can absolutely be completed earlier.