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EARTHBACK is the first german company that becomes a part of the GREENWILL Community. 
Together for a green globe!

with great thanks to GREENWILL !
“Earthback enables creative people to realize their own ideas and designs by financing, producing and marketing the final product.

For this German company, sustainability is a priority which appears clearly in its statement “I WANT MY EARTH BACK™”. The products are produced with fairness, natural materials and ethically right behavior.

We are very proud to welcome EARTHBACK among the GREENWILL members! Thank you for pledging GREENWILL and for their efforts for a greener earth.”

For more information about GREENWILL visit  http://greenwill.org/de


Yeeeha, it’s done!

It took a little while and quiet it was around EARTH BACK, but the wait was worth it. We were diligent and show that today with our own online shop for good and sustainable styles. If that’s not fair…


From now on, you can load the functional bag into your cart under www.earthback.com. We will also provide you week after week with new interesting labels, fair Styles and background information. Thus, we are continually expanding our range and you can participate. The first piece of our “never ending cream pie” we serve you already today … check it out!

How do you find the shop? Is it worth a LIKE or rather a SHARE? Just COMMENT…

We are looking forward to your feedback,


EARTHBACK_Onlineshop_Live_Launch_sustainable fashion

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin 2014

This January the biannual Fashion Week in Berlin offered once more a diverse collection of fashion and lifestyle products.

Exciting and glamorous collections for the winter season 2014/15 could also be admired in the world of sustainable fashion and were presented in the Ethical Fashion Show and in the GreenShowroom. The prejudices towards organic and eco fashion of being out of touch with trends and old-fashioned are gone. These days the eco labels impress with stylish and avant-garde designs as well as contemporary materials, which can easily compete with the more well-known conventional brands. Furthermore upcycling was a topic strongly present at the Berlin Fashion Week, which proves that turning worn pieces into something new is a growing trend for the future. As we can see, old prejudices make way for new perspectives as the green fashion has far more to offer than what the masses expect. See for yourselves, here are outtakes from the salon shows at the GreenShowroom:

The interest in sustainable brands is constantly growing. And that is indeed a good thing. Sustainability and the social responsibility it involves are developing into an important part within the fashion industry – because today it is not only the outer values of clothing that matter but also the inner ones.

We are eagerly and curiously anticipating the next Berlin Fashion Week to come. There the summer collection 2015 will be presented to the public. It is especially the sustainable brands that we will take a look at.






PART V: The first EARTHBAG prototype

It would have been too good to be true. But the EARTHBAG didn’t look as cool as in the sketches. So this is why we don’t want to publish a picture of a failed prototype here ;) But we didn’t let this get us down. Got some fresh air and on we went. Voilà! It’s the EARTHBAG 2.0 let’s say. Same functions, improved cut and one special feature: I WANT MY EARTH BACK as a “hidden” message. The idea “EARTHBAG – the bag that makes a statement” was born!



I WANT MY EARTH BACK: Crowdfunding project for a more sustainable fashion

Berlin, 26th November 2013. The EARTHBAG, the “bag that makes a statement”, is launched today as the pilot project of EARTHBACK, a Berlin powerhouse of ideas. The EARTHBAG, developed by the designers Giang Phan and Bastian Baumann, is four bags in one: In a few easy steps it is turned from a rucksack into a handbag, a shoulder bag or a beach bag.

The production of the EARTHBAG is ecologically and socially conscious and fair and the 4-in-1 concept of the bag contributes to putting an end to the wasting of resources and materials. “When we developed the EARTHBAG we focussed on sustainability, design and functionality. With this product we take a first step towards fair production and away from rapid mass production”, says Giang Phan.

The EARTHBAG is the pilot project of the EARTHBACK company and it is financed through crowdfunding – www.startnext.de/earthbag. Supporters of the project also have the advantage to receive a bag at reduced price as a thank you. The price covers the productions costs only.

The idea that lies behind the company’s concept is to offer a platform to creative minds, designers and free spirits for their own visions and thoughts.

“Financing the project through crowdfunding allows us to create different products as risk-free as possible for everyone involved. We do this since most good ideas fail because they are not translated into action”, says Michael Krieger, CEO at EARTHBACK, about the business model of the company.

The collaboration of the crowdfunding community Startnext and EARTHBACK allows the collection and analysis of empirical values. The results are then used to optimize the operation of the “stylefunding platform” of the company. This guarantees effective networking between designers, interest groups and certified producers. “Thus the term crowdfunding is given a new meaning. Thanks to this EARTHBAG campaign we have become pioneers working in the area of crowdfunding in Germany”, explains Michael Krieger.


EARTHBACK GmbH (www.earthback.com) regards itself as an online platform for creatives, producers and supporters. The slogan I WANT MY EARTH BACK expresses the commitment of the Berlin based designers to sustainability and transparency in fashion. They want to contribute to making the earth a healthy place for future generations.

EARTHBAG – the first crowdfunding project


Last Friday we got started… and kicked off our crowdfunding project with Giang and Bastian on Startnext. Within 8 hours we received all the likes we needed, fab! We owe this all to you, thank you!

Now we’re on to the “financing stage” and our aim is to raise the funding sum that finances the production of the bag. We’ve raised more than 3,500 € so far.

Until 15/12/2013 you can help Giang and Bastian make this great project happen and contribute to making the world a greener place!

Just come along ;) and support a good cause!




A big thank you to all supporters! You’re amazing!


The year 2000 – The LOHAS

…and then the LOHAS came along… and the phase of high eco fashion

Who are the LOHAS actually? Some of you might have heard about the LOHAS. The LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) are a lifestyle group also called neo ecos. They do want to be fashionable and trendy but they are also conscious of values such as solidarity and social responsibility. Since the year 2000 ecological fashion that is also fashionable and stylish has been constantly growing within the fashion industry. The LOHAS especially feel committed to buying fair goods… as a moral and ethical duty.

As a result the grey clouds surrounding the bleak image of eco fashion have slowly but surely been dispersed from the fashion sky… This period of “high eco fashion” has attracted so many young designers as never seen before. Their products are ecologically produced and conform to ethical and moral standards.

The difference between this phase and earlier attempts of the eco fashion movement is the design… It follows the latest trends. But it is not only new young designers who follow principles of fair trade and sustainability when producing their collection. “Old hands” in the fashion industry or indeed well-known high fashion designers are changing their opinions.


And fortunately we can say that more and more people get on board the “green” movement, inspired by those who dare… Your EARTHBACK team



A warm welcome

Hello to all the people out there!

In the name of the entire EARTHBACK crew we would like to warmly welcome you to our new website. “I want my earth back”… we want our earth back! Why, what for and in what way…. that’s what you’re going to find out here in this blog.

With this in mind we would like to provide you with important information and incentives concerning current trends and developments in the areas of sustainability and fashion. We cannot turn a blind eye anymore to what is happening on and to this planet.

Everyone can make a difference in small ways and contribute to making the world a better place again… We put our heart and soul into this… and hope you will do this too :)