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Fashion Revolution Day

“WHO MADE YOUR CLOTHES ” is the motto of the first FASHION REVOLUTION DAY in 2014. From this year on, always on the 24th of April people around the world will raise their voices for ethical working conditions. The initial driver for this event was the factory collapse in Bangladesh.

It is intended to contribute to an increasing awareness of the true cost of fashion and to show the world that change is possible, and thus everybody can contribute for a sustainable future.

The FASHION REVOLUTION DAY’s mission is to bring everyone together to achieve something big together.

The slogan “Who makes your clothes?” is a simple gesture asking to wear the clothing items inside out , so #InsideOut , to confront people and inspire them to ask this question themselves while buying clothing.

Of course, the day was also celebrated in the capital of Germany – Berlin. A flashmob was held to support the FASHION REVOLUTION DAY in public. It was organized, among others, by the dancers from the Flying Steps Academy in Berlin.

Have a look what happened at the event, we made a little short-cut especially for you!

Eco fashion today

So what is the state of eco fashion today?

At last … Today’s high eco fashion has said goodbye to its cotton bag image. Green fashion can finally be up-to-date, trendy and ecologically and socially responsible at the same time… Fairs have contributed largely to this development like the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin for example


and the Green Showroom


These fairs take place twice a year as part of the Berlin Fashion Week and are firmly established there. They allow established and new sustainable labels for high end fashion and accessories to present themselves.

We can finally say that some things are about to be change in our society … a new way of thinking is coming about. In this day and age sustainability and fair trade have become standard topics present in our minds. Media reports on the conditions at production sites and the exploitation of workers in countries with a low-wage economy add to the fact that consumers cannot turn a blind eye to such ills anymore. By now many consumers have changed their way of thinking in such way that they focus on ecological questions. But we cannot stop there… We now have to act! The inhumane working conditions in countries with cheap labour economies and the irresponsible treatment of the environment are not the only issues. The health risks, that result from the use of chemicals and that we are exposed to as consumers, should really make us think and get into alternative buying habits! Thanks to the “green fashion wave” there are alternatives, just look around  :)

We at EARTHBACK wish our society and the coming generations that sustainability will become more and more part of our everyday lives – everyone needs to get up to make this happen. Everyone can get involved to prevent our planet from being ruined by industry and instead help preserve the living environment of animals and a balanced ecosystem – and all this while everyone can still be well-dressed and look great ;-)

Join the fashion revolution…