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The Earthbag is coming!

Finally, the long waiting is over…the preparations for shipment have lasted longer than expected, but now we actually managed it.

Today, we are happy to announce that the EARTHBAGs will be dispatched and will arrive in a few days. I hope you will forgive us the delays.

Please feel heartly invited to post a picture with your EARTHBAG to our facebook fanpage. We are excited to see how it looks on you.

EARTHBAG is coming sooner…

Hello dear EARTHBACKers,

it would have been nice if all had gone smoothly…but we were not spared from delays in the production process.
But the fabrics could be temporarily cut and printed. The only thing remaining is “sewing”, before we can speak of the EARTHBAG. As you can see,  step by step, we are heading towards the final product. Slower than we thought, but at least we do not stop.

Best regards

your EARTHBACK team

EARTHBAG is coming soon…

Hello dear EARTHBACKers,

we have some good and bad news…first, the good news: now we have everything together so the EARTHBAG can be produced finally…with little delay the material is received by us :D Unfortunately, the planned production shifts to a few weeks. Sorry, that you have to wait even longer for your EARTHBAG. But postponed is not canceled. Good things come to those who wait ;)

earthbag_nachhaltige Tasche_startnext_crowdfunding

If everything goes well, we expect a delivery mid March. Right on time to the beginning of spring the first EARTHBAGs will be seen on the streets. We can´t wait!

Not long to go now…

Hello dear EARTHBACKers,

5 weeks ago you made it possible for us to be able to make our and your EARTHBAG happen. A lot has happened in the meantime:

You should have received the vouchers. We hope you liked them?! We ordered all the ingredients for the EARTHBAG and, apart from the fabric, everything has arrived. So the bag can soon enter production. Woohoo! And last but not least… the incentives T-shirts that make a statement and the ute bag are being prepared for delivery.


Take a look at our “stock” ;)

Yeah! It’s done!!!!

Our crowdfunding project has been successfully completed. On Sunday at 8:36 pm the moment had come: We reached our goal of 12,000€. Since the project finished, this amount has even built up to 12,440€.

So the EARTHBAG can soon enter production. The vouchers were sent off to all supporters today. Of course we will update you about the next steps.

We are so incredibly proud and happy that we could count on your support. Without you this would have never been possible. Thank you!



Best regards from Berlin!



The rope preyed on our minds. We worked on different ideas, improvised things, drove through Berlin to buy specialized parts. We even went to a leather shop to look for high strength structural rivets. And oh, right, we also went to a joiner’s workshop to drill huge holes into wooden balls. Unfortunately we had to dispel all these ideas because nothing worked the way we wanted. One day though we had a quick idea – literally. Do you know these quick release buckles? They allow you to rearrange our EARTHBAG easily and in no time.



PART VI The EARTHBAG prototype 2.0, 3.0…..

The basic concept was completed. Now it was time for us to seriously think about how to design the straps and the mechanisms to close and rearrange the bag. We wanted that to be quick and easy. Check it out: It’s going to be veeery creative :) From carabiners and cords to bands and even ropes – we came up with every material. But we haven’t come up with the best solution yet … See for yourselves!



PART V: The first EARTHBAG prototype

It would have been too good to be true. But the EARTHBAG didn’t look as cool as in the sketches. So this is why we don’t want to publish a picture of a failed prototype here ;) But we didn’t let this get us down. Got some fresh air and on we went. Voilà! It’s the EARTHBAG 2.0 let’s say. Same functions, improved cut and one special feature: I WANT MY EARTH BACK as a “hidden” message. The idea “EARTHBAG – the bag that makes a statement” was born!



PART IV Choosing the material

Pattern design… check! Now we set out to look for the right fabric. Of course we wanted it to be fair and organic. And can you believe it - a certified fabric supplier is based just a few kilometres away from us ;) So off we went to our new partner Lebenskleidung. There we chose a robust organic canvas fabric from India which is GOTS certified. In the picture above you can see Enrico, of Lebenskleidung, as he is shown the fair production conditions on his visit to India.

So the material was now found and we could finally cut out the pieces according to the pattern of the pattern design. The moment of truth had arrived. Would everything work out the way we imagined the EARTHBAG….?