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Just arrived = the icing on the cake!

“For us sustainability means that clothes should not be out of fashion after 6 months. We strive for a high degree of timelessness in our styles. For this reason, the FORMAT collection is partially independent of seasons”.

We think this is a great interpretation of sustainability, and also very, very, very nice people. For this reason we are proud to now be able to offer selected styles of the Berlin based designer label FORMAT in our shop. Check it out!

What is behind the label FORMAT, you will find out if you follow the link: http://www.earthback.com/format-favourites/

Already excited what we will present you next week?

Sunny Greetings from Berlin,



I WANT MY EARTH BACK: Crowdfunding project for a more sustainable fashion

Berlin, 26th November 2013. The EARTHBAG, the “bag that makes a statement”, is launched today as the pilot project of EARTHBACK, a Berlin powerhouse of ideas. The EARTHBAG, developed by the designers Giang Phan and Bastian Baumann, is four bags in one: In a few easy steps it is turned from a rucksack into a handbag, a shoulder bag or a beach bag.

The production of the EARTHBAG is ecologically and socially conscious and fair and the 4-in-1 concept of the bag contributes to putting an end to the wasting of resources and materials. “When we developed the EARTHBAG we focussed on sustainability, design and functionality. With this product we take a first step towards fair production and away from rapid mass production”, says Giang Phan.

The EARTHBAG is the pilot project of the EARTHBACK company and it is financed through crowdfunding – www.startnext.de/earthbag. Supporters of the project also have the advantage to receive a bag at reduced price as a thank you. The price covers the productions costs only.

The idea that lies behind the company’s concept is to offer a platform to creative minds, designers and free spirits for their own visions and thoughts.

“Financing the project through crowdfunding allows us to create different products as risk-free as possible for everyone involved. We do this since most good ideas fail because they are not translated into action”, says Michael Krieger, CEO at EARTHBACK, about the business model of the company.

The collaboration of the crowdfunding community Startnext and EARTHBACK allows the collection and analysis of empirical values. The results are then used to optimize the operation of the “stylefunding platform” of the company. This guarantees effective networking between designers, interest groups and certified producers. “Thus the term crowdfunding is given a new meaning. Thanks to this EARTHBAG campaign we have become pioneers working in the area of crowdfunding in Germany”, explains Michael Krieger.


EARTHBACK GmbH (www.earthback.com) regards itself as an online platform for creatives, producers and supporters. The slogan I WANT MY EARTH BACK expresses the commitment of the Berlin based designers to sustainability and transparency in fashion. They want to contribute to making the earth a healthy place for future generations.